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Mr. Rakowski

Screening of documentary MR. RAKOWSKI about the transgenerational effects of the trauma of the Holocaust / or acquisition for library

Mr. Rakowski was broadcast throughout Europe, shown at several international film festivals, and well-received everywhere. The subject matter of the film is directly relevant for anyone dealing with or studying the emotional consequences of surviving the Holocaust in particular and trauma in general.

We offer the film for screening in the context of Holocaust and Jewish History Studies programs, as well as psychotherapy training programs, and it is in that context that I am writing to you. The film may be screened on its own as part of your curriculum, or with an introduction and Q&A session with the director, depending on what is most relevant to the needs of your particular course.

The following is a testimonial from Professor Philippe Codde of Ghent University, who teaches in the departments of Literary Studies, Trauma Literature and English Studies. He showed the film to his students and has the following to say:

“I teach a university course on Holocaust literature, and I use this truly amazing documentary to illustrate the transgenerational effects of the trauma of the Holocaust. The documentary leaves no one in the room unaffected. It is a powerful story about a fraught father-son relationship, a story about deeply felt pain and redemption. This is required material for anyone interested in Holocaust testimony and the Holocaust’s lasting after effects. In fact, this documentary can be seen as a filmic equivalent to Spiegelman’s graphic novel Maus, and they are a perfect match for teaching about the second generation. A deeply moving document with a great educational value – be ready to have your perspective on life dramatically changed when you watch this. It is an overwhelming story of suffering, but also of hope and optimism.”

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